US Retail Sales & PPI Today: Will Inflation Fears Persist?

US Retail Sales & PPI Today: Will Inflation Fears Persist?

The latest US Retail Sales and PPI data, set to be released later today.

Looking at the US Retail Sales m/m forecast for March, is expected at -0.3% vs. 3.0% from the previous month while ex-autos is expected to be at -0.1%. This would be a significant drop from the previous month’s increase of 2.3%, which was seen as a positive sign for the US economy.

Retail sales, tracks the amount of money that consumers are spending on a monthly basis. A decline in retail sales could signal that consumers are cutting back on discretionary spending, which could in turn hurt the economy by reducing demand for goods and services.

The PPI, on the other hand, reflecting the prices that US companies receive for their goods and services at the factory door, is an important indicator of inflationary pressures in the economy, as rising producer prices can lead to higher prices for consumers.

It is expected that the PPI is going to rise 0.3% in March, compared to the previous month’s increase of 0.7%. While this is a slower rate of growth than the previous month, it still suggests that producer prices are on the rise, which could lead to higher prices for consumers in the coming months.

Overall, if the Retail Sales m/m forecast comes in below expectations, it could signal that the US economy is facing headwinds and may be slowing down. Similarly, if the PPI rises faster than expected, it could lead to concerns about inflationary pressures in the economy and prompt policymakers to take action to rein in rising prices.

PPI & Retail Sales announcements will be released today at 13.30 GMT+1.

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