Trade Bitcoin with Errante at 100x Leverage

Trade Bitcoin with Errante at 100x Leverage on MT4

Leverage is a powerful tool for a trader. Starting from 1st September, to help clients trade more cryptocurrency, Errante, will help to provide you with more exposure, without tying up lots of your money.

To put it simply, with 100x leverage on MT4, traders are now afforded enhanced buying power! 

If the trade is successful, you can gain profits equal to the increased portion size. However, if it is unsuccessful, the trader can lose the initial investment.

EXAMPLE – 100:1 leverage trade with Errante

Assume the price of Bitcoin is $25.000. Use 1% of a trade position of $25,000 as margin (or leverage of 100:1), equal to $250, to open such a trade. If the Bitcoin price rises by 10%, to $27.500, you would make a profit of $2,500, but at a considerably reduced cost, as you would only be risking $250.

That means that profits can be hugely multiplied.

Please keep in mind that high risk comes along with high reward. The price of Bitcoin goes up and down rapidly since it is a highly volatile asset. The leverage indeed multiplies your gains, but it can also compound your risks of potential losses. 

Errante’s Dynamic Leverage also applies.  This is done to protect both the client and the company from adverse market conditions. The maximum exposure on Bitcoin with a leverage of 100: 1 is capped at 2 lots or 2 Bitcoins. After this exposure, leverage drops to 20:1.

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