Errante Martin Luther King & Australia Day Trading Schedule 2024 

Errante Martin Luther King & Australia Day Trading Schedule 2024 

With Martin Luther King and Australia Day fast approaching, we would like to inform you that the trading schedule will be subject to change on the 15th and 26th January 2024. 

All times mentioned below are GMT+2

Trading Instrument Symbol Martin Luther King Day – 15th January 2024 Australia Day – 26th January 2024 
Australian 200 Index AUS200 Normal Hours Early Close at 23.00 on the 25th & Late Open at 08.10 on the 26th 
Japan Nikkei 225 Index JP225 Closes at 20.00 Normal Hours 
US Wall Street 30 Index US30 Closes at 20.00 Normal Hours 
US Tech 100 Index US100 Closes at 20.00 Normal Hours 
US SPX 500 Index US500 Closes at 20.00 Normal Hours 
Metals  Closes at 21.30 Normal Hours  
Copper COPPER.f Closes at 21.30 Normal Hours 
Coffee COFFEE.f Closed Normal Hours 
Cotton COTTON.f Closed Normal Hours 
Sugar SUGAR.f Closed Normal Hours 
Cocoa COCOA.f Closed Normal Hours 
US Crude Oil (Futures and Cash) USOIL Closes at 21.15 Normal Hours 
Brent Crude Oil (Futures and Cash) UKOIL Closes at 21.15 Normal Hours 
Natural Gas Future NGAS Closes at 21.15 Normal Hours 
US Shares  Closed Normal Hours 
All others  Normal Normal 

Rest assured we will continue to provide trading and support services on both days. 

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact one of our support team members via our Live Chat or email [email protected].

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